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Deansfield Residential Care Home, Telford

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Deansfield Residential Care Home, in Kynnersley, was awarded Outstanding by the Care Quality Commission, following an inspection, 28 March 2019.

The care home, which supports 15 residents with dementia was judged outstanding for caring, responsive and well-led and awarded good in both the safe and effective categories.

Liz Dyson, care home managersaid, "We are very proud to have obtained a rating of outstanding from the CQC for the second time.”

"Deansfield’s aim is to keep a maintained house that is full of warmth and love that is at the heart of our family home.”

"It contains all of those things that are safe and familiar, but also provides choice and new opportunities – either individually or shared.”

"Each person whose home Deansfield has become is treated with dignity and respect by a staff team that well trained, committed, friendly and professional.”

The CQC report claimed that everyone they spoke to shared examples of how staff went out of their way to meet their needs. Examples included people's requests for changes in support were immediately accommodated. Requests for blankets and drinks were immediately accommodated meaning people could stay comfortable. One person did not feel like their food and asked to have it later. This meant they could have their food when they were hungry rather than waste it. Another person told us how they wanted to go out with the manager to have the home's dogs groomed. Again, this was arranged and clearly gave the person making the request some excitement. One person liked to be involved in the running of the home and enjoyed meal preparation and hanging the washing outside on the clothesline. This activity gave the person a feeling of self-worth and reduced anxiety and confusion.

Staff had an excellent understanding of people's social and cultural diversity, values and beliefs and how these might influence decisions on how they wanted to receive care and support.Easter celebrations had been celebrated by all, and staff told us other religious festivals were also celebrated to raise awareness and understanding even if not relevant to a person's beliefs.

The CQC concluded that the service provided leadership which was exceptional and distinctive.

The home had been previously rated as outstanding by the CQC.

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