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Derwent Cottage, Scarborough

Derwent Cottage in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, a residential care home for people with profound learning difficulties was rated outstanding for being effective, caring, responsive and well-led following an inspection by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), 10,16 September & 7 October 2019.

The safe category received a Good score from the CQC.

Staff were knowledgeable about using best practice guidance to improve residents’ experiences. People experienced positive outcomes due to the excellent and proactive use of PBS. Looking at why behaviours were happening and how staff could work to reduce them had significantly improved people's communication, independence and access to the community. People felt safe and understood by supportive staff, because of this the likelihood of physical interventions being used had dramatically reduced.

Staff worked with people to identify their aspirations and make plans to achieve them. These were reviewed regularly, and people were exceeding the goals they aspired to achieve. One resident had developed skills to understand what items they needed to keep and not throw away. This was a real achievement for them.

Residents were supported to access opportunities within the local community. One person's representative advised, "New ideas for activities, and places to go within the community are continually explored by staff. The activity is tried and then it is documented as to what worked well, and what maybe did not work as well." This enhanced people's lives and showed them what they could achieve.

Duty of Candour records showed staff had gone above and beyond to ensure the utmost transparency through excellent communication. For example, one person had an incident and the provider sent a letter to them explaining step by step the incident, any injuries and the action taken to mitigate future risks. Where investigations were ongoing a point of contact was given, timeframes and details of other agencies informed.

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