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Ebury Court Residential Home Limited: A Center of Excellence in Personalized Elderly Care

Ebury Court Residential Home Limited, situated at 438 Rush Green Road in Romford, Essex, stands as a distinguished care home providing personalized care for up to 39 older people, many of whom live with dementia. This service, accommodating 37 people at the time of inspection, is celebrated for its exceptional care and supportive environment. Ebury Court Residential Home Limited has been rated 'Outstanding' overall by the CQC. The home achieves excellence in its responsiveness and leadership while maintaining 'Good' ratings in other key areas, underscoring its commitment to providing quality care in a safe, supportive environment.

Ebury Court has consistently achieved high ratings from the Care Quality Commission (CQC), maintaining an 'Outstanding' status. The home is lauded for its compassionate and highly personalized care, ensuring residents' safety and dignity. The staff are well-trained in safeguarding and abuse identification, fostering a secure and caring atmosphere.

The home offers a nurturing and stimulating environment with a range of activities designed to cater to the interests of its residents. Activities are individualized and aim to provide a balanced lifestyle, with a focus on enhancing the quality of life for residents, especially those with dementia.

Ebury Court prioritizes residents' safety and health. The home adheres to stringent infection control procedures and employs robust systems for medication management and emergency preparedness. Regular staff training ensures adherence to best practices in all aspects of care, with a particular focus on health and safety.

The leadership at Ebury Court is characterized by a commitment to continuous improvement and transparency. The management team's involvement in daily operations reflects their dedication to residents' well-being. The home's strong connections with the local community and healthcare services further enhance the overall care experience.

Comment from Fulcrum Care Senior Consultant:

"Ebury Court Residential Home Limited's consistent 'Outstanding' rating is a testament to its unwavering commitment to personalized and compassionate elderly care. Fulcrum Care recognizes the importance of such dedication and is equipped to support care homes like Ebury Court in maintaining the highest standards of care."

Ebury Court Residential Home Limited is a premier care facility for older adults, particularly those living with dementia. Its focus on personalized care, robust health and safety management, and strong community involvement makes it an ideal choice for individuals seeking a compassionate and respectful living space. The home's consistent 'Outstanding' rating from the CQC affirms its commitment to excellence in elderly care.

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