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Fairlie House Care Home, West Norwood

Fairlie House in West Norwood, London providing cars for people with complex neurological needs, sensory impairments and physical disabilities as a result of brain injury or neurological conditions, has been rated overall outstanding by the Care Quality Commission.

It was rated outstanding in the effective and responsiveaspects of the report, and the safe, caring and well-led elements received a score of good, after the inspections, 25 & 28 September 2018.

CQC inspectors identified that residents were protected from the risk of abuse or neglect. Staff were fully aware of the action they needed to take to ensure people's safety and well-being. Accidents and incidents were recorded, monitored and acted on appropriately with actions to minimise reoccurrence. There were excellent systems for identifying and sharing learning from adverse events.

There were systems in place to ensure people were protected from the risk of infection and the home was clean and well maintained. There were enough suitably trained staff to meet people's needs and safe staff recruitment practices were in place. Medicines were managed, administered and stored safely. Staff were trained to manage medicines and their competences assessed.

The home was distinctly effective, which improved outcomes for people. There was a dedicated comprehensive system of appropriate training, competency assessment and support for staff to provide the right knowledge and competence for them to carry out their roles effectively and safely. This was constantly evaluated for improvements.

The service was exceptionally responsive. People had individually developed person centred care and therapy plans that reflected their needs. The home was proactive in supporting equality and respecting diversity.

People were encouraged to choose manageable goals which improved their lives. The staff team worked collaboratively in partnership with a range of organisations to improve people's life experience. People's quality of life was enhanced by assistive technology, and the stimulation and activities provided in conjunction with the therapy team.

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