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Family Investment (Four) Limited, Canterbury

Family Investment (Four) Limited in Canterbury, Kent, a residential home providing personal care and accommodation for adults living with a learning disability was rated outstanding for being caring and responsive following an inspection by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), 20 August 2019.

It achieved the score of good for the safe, effective and well-led categories.

The CQC report highlighted that people were respected and valued as individuals and empowered as partners in their care. People told CQC inspectors staff involved and consulted with them in their care planning. This made them feel empowered, listened to and valued. Care plans were person centred and evidenced that people were fully involved in planning for their own care needs.

One resident commented, "We have key workers that support us with our care plans. They are our care plans not the key workers and not the homes care plans, we own them, and we say what goes into them. We talk with our key workers about the things we want and need. The key workers write them up and we sign them."

Another person said, "The staff are very good at listening to me and making sure that I can get to do the things I want. For example, I like gardening and I like to keep in touch with my sister who lives in New Zealand. They help me to do these things."

The service was exceptional in the way they supported people to learn new skills and maintain their independence.

One person said, "They encourage us to do our own things. I had travel training, so I can go into town alone on the bus. I love going to the cinema and the theatre, I just bring my phone with me in case I have a problem. Most people travel on buses or trains by themselves. I go to cookery club on a Monday. I grow my own rhubarb in the garden, and I have made rhubarb crumble with a bit of custard. We cook for each other and have a day at home each week where we tidy our rooms and do our ironing."

Another person told us, "I can do most things for myself, but the staff are lovely, and they do extra things for us for example they listen to us, plan activities and they will take us wherever we want..”

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