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Harleston House: A Commitment to Outstanding Care and Community Involvement

Harleston House, operated by Greensleeves Homes Trust in Lowestoft, Suffolk, is a residential care home renowned for its excellent care and strong community presence. Catering to up to 39 older individuals, including some living with dementia, Harleston House has established itself as a premier care facility since its registration on December 7, 2010.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) awarded Harleston House an 'Outstanding' overall rating. The service achieved 'Outstanding' in the Caring, Responsive, and Well-Led categories, and 'Good' in Safe and Effective categories, reflecting its commitment to delivering exceptional care across all aspects.

Residents at Harleston House receive outstanding, personalized care, led by a registered manager dedicated to maintaining the highest standards. This commitment is universally recognized by residents, relatives, and professionals, who frequently praise the staff's kindness, compassion, and respect. The attention to detail in meeting residents' care needs and preferences is evident in the high satisfaction levels reported.

Harleston House is noted for its effective leadership and dynamic management. The home fosters an empowering culture with high staff morale. Staff members, driven by a registered manager passionate about providing tailored care, take pride in their work. Continuous development and improvement are facilitated by robust quality assurance systems.

Safety at Harleston House is a top priority, with comprehensive systems to protect residents from abuse and harm. Staff training in safeguarding, risk management, and medicine management ensures a comprehensive and safe approach, contributing significantly to residents' well-being.

The leadership at Harleston House is exemplary, with a management team committed to a holistic approach to care. The registered manager has a clear oversight of residents' needs, and the staff is highly motivated to deliver top-quality care. The impact of the home's robust quality assurance systems is effectively demonstrated by the management team.

Ronald D (Husband of Resident) 

"My wife has been a resident at Harleston House after a challenging period in different hospitals and another care home. We're four weeks into a six-week trial, and I'm hopeful she can stay here for the future. The team, from management to carers, kitchen staff, cleaners, handyman, and driver, is magnificent."

In conclusion, Harleston House stands as a benchmark in the care home sector, combining exceptional care with strong community integration. Its outstanding CQC ratings and positive feedback from various stakeholders affirm its status as a leading care facility. The home's dedication to person-centered care, community involvement, and a supportive environment makes it a treasured place for its residents.

Comment from Fulcrum Care Senior Consultant

"Harleston House exemplifies what outstanding care in a community setting should look like. Their 'Outstanding' CQC ratings in several categories are a testament to their dedication to personalized care and community involvement. At Fulcrum Care, we commend such high standards and are dedicated to supporting care homes in achieving and maintaining these levels of excellence. Harleston House is a shining example of how a care home can create a supportive, inclusive environment that nurtures and respects its residents."

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