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Hartismere Place: A Haven of Personalized Care and Community Integration

Hartismere Place, managed by Care UK Community Partnerships Ltd, is a distinguished residential care home in Eye, Suffolk. It provides personal care for up to 60 people aged 65 and over, and during the inspection on November 19, 2019, it was home to 54 residents. This care home is celebrated for its strong community integration and person-centered approach.

Hartismere Place has been rated 'Outstanding' overall by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). The service received 'Outstanding' in the Responsive and Well-Led categories, and 'Good' in the Safe, Effective, and Caring categories, which highlights its commitment to high-quality care.

The care at Hartismere Place is exceptionally well-led, with a registered manager who has developed all aspects of the service. Staff, supported by a proactive provider team, are dedicated to continually improving the service. Quality of care is regularly assessed through audits, and any shortcomings are quickly addressed. The service is highly responsive to the health and social care needs of residents, with care plans that are regularly reviewed and adjusted.

Residents at Hartismere Place have access to a wide range of activities that are tailored to their life history, occupation, interests, and hobbies. Staff take the time to understand each individual's preferences, and residents and their families are encouraged to be involved in all aspects of the service. The environment at Hartismere Place promotes safety and independence, with activities designed to enhance social well-being.

Safety is a top priority at Hartismere Place. Staff are well-trained in safeguarding procedures and understand how to report concerns. Risks to residents' health and welfare are effectively managed, ensuring safety for all. Staffing levels are carefully determined to meet the care and support needs of residents, ensuring personalized and safe care.

Leadership at Hartismere Place is outstanding. The culture is one of quality assurance and continuous improvement. The home's excellent community links help reduce isolation and promote social inclusion. The management team is passionate about delivering high-quality care and continuously seeks ways to enhance the service.

In conclusion, Hartismere Place is a prime example of a care home that excels in leadership, community integration, and personalized care. Its outstanding CQC ratings and positive feedback from residents, families, and professionals affirm its status as a leading care facility. The home provides a nurturing and safe environment where residents can enjoy a high quality of life.

Claire B (Daughter of Resident)

"My mum stayed at Hartismere Place for two weeks of respite care, and she had a fantastic stay. The staff were cheerful, kind, and caring, going to great lengths to understand Mum's needs. The home was spotlessly clean with excellent facilities. Mum greatly enjoyed her stay and spoke highly of the care she received. I have no hesitation in recommending Hartismere Place to anyone."

Comment from Fulcrum Care Senior Consultant

"Hartismere Place embodies the ideal blend of outstanding care and community involvement. The 'Outstanding' rating by CQC in responsive and well-led categories is a clear indicator of their excellence in care provision. At Fulcrum Care, we support and admire such commitment to providing high-quality, personalized care. Hartismere Place not only offers top-tier care but also fosters a warm, inclusive community, aligning perfectly with our goals of promoting excellence in the care sector."

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