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Hassingham House Care Centre, Norwich

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Hassingham House Care Centre in Nottingham, caring for adults with learning disabilities,

physical disabilities, dementia and mental health conditions has been rated

overall outstanding by the Care Quality Commission.

It was rated outstanding in the effective, caring, responsive and well-led aspects of the report, and the safe element received a score of good, after the inspection, 5 March 2019.

The CQC report highlighted that in addition to completing national vocational and induction qualifications, the registered manager wasproactive in delivering and arranging training that was interesting and stimulating for staff, that was also open to other healthcare professionals from local public services.

One relative said, "We can see they do a lot of training on the job, working with a senior carer. I've seen no evidence that the staff are not properly trained."

Staff were motivated to go the extra mile to make every day special for people and were regularly asked to stop and think about how they had made a positive impact on a person's life that day. The registered manager ran a programme called 'make someone's day every day' and staff recorded on a display board how they had made someone's day better.

Residents told CQC inspectors that the service at Hassingham House Care Centre was extremely responsive to their needs and staff went out of their way to assist them with any problems or changes to care and support they might require. People could express preferences on when and how they received care and staff ensured these preferences were met. For example, one person had a sign on their bedroom door saying, 'I am not a morning person!' So, staff did not disturb them until later in the day.

The service is led by a strongly motivated and committed registered manager, supported by a team that strived to deliver the best person-centred care they could. The registered manager's vision and values of continuous improvement were clear for staff and people to see and feel. These were delivered by the commitment of the whole team and the results seen by people receiving their support.

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