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Hazelhurst Nursing Home: A Haven of Compassionate Care and Personalized Support

Introduction and Service Overview

Hazelhurst Nursing Home, run by Herefordshire Care Homes Limited, is located in Ross On Wye, Herefordshire, and provides personal and nursing care for up to 44 people living with conditions such as dementia and physical disabilities. The property, dating from the 19th century, has been extended to include additional bedrooms and living spaces. Set in about 14 acres of grounds, it offers a spacious and serene setting. At the time of the inspection on December 12, 2019, 35 people were residing in the home.

CQC Ratings

Hazelhurst Nursing Home received an 'Outstanding' overall rating from the Care Quality Commission (CQC). The home achieved 'Outstanding' ratings in the Effective and Responsive categories, and 'Good' in the Safe, Caring, and Well-Led categories, reflecting its dedication to providing high-quality, comprehensive care.

Care Quality and Resident Experience

The staff at Hazelhurst Nursing Home are highly trained in safeguarding and demonstrate a clear understanding of their responsibilities to keep residents safe. The team effectively manages any risks to residents' health and welfare, with well-structured management plans to mitigate risks. Staffing levels are appropriate and continuously reviewed, ensuring the well-being and safety of residents. The service employs staff who are well-vetted and suited to care provision.

Environment and Activities

Hazelhurst Nursing Home places great emphasis on meeting residents' social and emotional needs. They provide a wide range of person-centered activities, ensuring residents' engagement and participation. The home has developed person-centered profiles for each resident, which guide the planning of activities, offering a personalized experience.

Safety and Health Management

Safety and health are paramount at Hazelhurst. The home conducts thorough assessments and care planning arrangements to meet each resident's unique needs. Staff receive necessary training and are well-supported in their roles, ensuring they can provide high-quality care. The home is proactive in accessing healthcare support for residents and takes into account their dietary preferences and needs.

Leadership and Community Links

Leadership at Hazelhurst Nursing Home is marked by a commitment to quality service and continual improvement. Governance systems and regular reviews by the provider and quality manager ensure high standards are maintained. The service works in partnership with local health and social care services, adhering to best practices and enhancing residents' quality of life.


Hazelhurst Nursing Home stands out as an exceptional care provider, offering a blend of compassionate care, personalized support, and a secure environment. Its outstanding CQC ratings and its commitment to continuous improvement underscore its role as a leading care facility, where residents receive individualized care and enjoy a high quality of life.

Structured Review:

"Hadn’t seen my friend for a long time, mainly because of the Covid pandemic, so it was wonderful to see him in such a beautiful place! His spirits were high, and he was obviously being exceptionally well looked after. Hats off to the staff for making his short holiday and my visit very enjoyable." - Peter B, Friend of Resident.

Comment from Fulcrum Care Senior Consultant:

"Hazelhurst Nursing Home's outstanding CQC rating in the Effective and Responsive categories is a testament to their commitment to providing exceptional, person-centered care. Their dedication to creating a nurturing and safe environment for residents, combined with their innovative approach to care, sets them apart. Fulcrum Care is dedicated to supporting homes like Hazelhurst in their ongoing mission to deliver the highest quality of care."

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