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Heathcotes (Larkrise): Innovative and Empowering Care for Unique Needs

Heathcotes (Larkrise), a part of Heathcotes Care Limited, located in Sutton, Surrey, is a pioneering care home providing accommodation for up to seven people with autism and additional learning disabilities. As of the inspection on October 15 and 17, 2019, the home was fully occupied, highlighting its effective support for residents with complex needs.

Heathcotes (Larkrise) has been rated 'Outstanding' in the 'Effective' and 'Responsive' categories by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and 'Good' in the 'Safe', 'Caring', and 'Well-Led' categories. This reflects the home's commitment to delivering exceptional care and support in a safe and well-managed environment.

Heathcotes (Larkrise) is known for its person-centered care and support, focusing on individual needs and preferences. Residents receive exceptional care and support, enabling them to lead full and enriched lives. The use of various communication methods ensures that residents are fully involved and engaged in their everyday life, leading to excellent outcomes.

The environment at Heathcotes (Larkrise) is creatively designed to meet the unique needs and preferences of its residents. The use of space is maximized for communal activities, and bedrooms are personally designed and decorated. The home also features a fully equipped sensory room and a sensory garden, providing varied and beneficial experiences for the residents.

Safety is a top priority at Heathcotes (Larkrise), with staff being well-trained in safeguarding and risk management. The home's approach to medicine management is robust, ensuring the safe administration of prescribed medications. The service also emphasizes proactive health and safety practices, including environmental and fire safety checks.

The leadership at Heathcotes (Larkrise) is outstanding, with the registered manager and staff dedicated to providing high-quality care. The home has strong community links, with residents participating in local events and activities, promoting social inclusion and community engagement.

Comment from Senior Consultant at Fulcrum Care:

"Heathcotes (Larkrise) demonstrates a remarkable dedication to innovative and individualized care for those with autism and learning disabilities. Their approach, mirroring the values at Fulcrum Care, emphasizes empowerment and tailored support. We believe our collaborative expertise can guide other homes in replicating this model of exceptional and responsive care."

Heathcotes (Larkrise) excels in providing innovative and empowering care tailored to the unique needs of individuals with autism and learning disabilities. Its outstanding CQC ratings in key areas and positive feedback from relatives and professionals affirm its success in creating an environment where residents can thrive, achieve their goals, and enjoy a high quality of life.

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