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High Broom Care Home, Crowborough

High Broom Care Home in Crowborough, East Sussex providing personal care for people living with dementia and physical disabilities was rated outstanding for being caring and well-led following an inspection by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), 11 November 2019.

The safe, effective and responsive categories received a Good score from the CQC.

The CQC report highlighted that residents received exceptional care that was provided by caring, attentive and compassionate staff. The service's atmosphere was positively energetic with activity, very welcoming, warm, and inclusive with friendly staff providing care and support in a way people liked and enjoyed.

Positive interactions took place between people, staff and each-other throughout CQC inspectors visit. Nothing was too much trouble. People had their privacy, dignity and confidentiality observed by staff, and they were encouraged and supported to be independent.

High Broom recognised the importance of pet therapy and three cats provided people with companionship and cuddles on tap.

Empowering people living with dementia to live meaningful, fulfilled and enhanced lives was at the core and heart of the service. Since the last inspection, the provider had organised specialist dementia training for staff that included a virtual dementia tour (VDT). The VDT gives people an experience of what dementia might be like by using specialist equipment and creating a simulated environment. The use of it further enhanced staff's understanding.

One staff member said, "The training was so insightful. We were asked to perform day to day tasks such as pairing socks. However, the environment was set to how a person living with dementia see's and experiences things. I really struggled with the task. It taught me the importance of what life is like living with dementia and how you approach things. Primarily it taught me that people with dementia have a hard time and we must always appreciate things from their point of view."

Another staff member commented on how they learnt the importance of sitting in front of people. This was observed on the inspection and people were observed readily smiling and engaging with staff.

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