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Housing & Care 21 – The Watermill Care Home, Walsall

Following a recent inspection by the Care Quality Commission, the Housing & Care 21 – The Watermill in Wallsall, West Midlands has been awarded outstanding.

The care home provides residential care for adults with dementia.

In the categories of responsive and well-led it was awarded outstanding, and the safe, effective and caring elements were given good.

The CQC report highlighted that residents told them how they were engaged in a range of meaningful, creative and stimulating opportunities that far exceeded any standard activity programme. Inspectors commented that the building had been developed to create a life-like pub, cinema and reminiscence room which had been developed to a high standard. Leisure opportunities ranged from large events to a simple one to one activity.

Both residents and relatives gave positive feedback about these rooms and the opportunities that were made available to people. One relative said, "There is regular entertainment which is adapted to suit everyone's needs and a wide variety of facilities to enhance day to day living, such as the reminiscence room, which my dad really loves. This has helped us to relive memories which engage and stimulate him and brings us all a great deal of happiness."

Another said, "It is homely and stimulating. There's lots going on. The kept gardens are lovely. There is a hairdresser and a pub."

Care staff said they were fully involved in the development of the service. They felt their views were valued and that they would be listened to with any appropriate action being taken. Carers felt the management within the service were committed to both them and the people living in the service. They said the management team were focused on improving the quality of lives of people. One staff member said, "If your manager believes people should have a good quality of life that makes the difference."

They also said, "I like the managers. They feel part of the team very much, it's an open-door policy."

Another staff member commented, "I love it here, it's the best place I've ever worked. If you say something, it's followed up and done. With regards to extra support, it's always there if needed."

Staff felt the provider was also committed to listening to them and hearing their views. One staff member told the CQC they were on a committee involved with reviewing the provider's medicines policy. They said, "It was really good as it felt like you have a say."

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