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Kew House Care Home: A Beacon of Outstanding Care and Support

Kew House Care Home, operated by Hallmark Care Homes (SW19) Limited, is a residential facility located at 58 Spencer Hill Road, London. It can accommodate up to 81 people, offering nursing and personal care. During the inspection, 69 older people, including those with residential and nursing care needs and those living with dementia, were residing at the home.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) rated the service 'Outstanding' overall, with 'Good' ratings in safety and leadership. This rating reflects the home's commitment to providing top-tier care and support, emphasizing a safe, inclusive, and person-centered approach.

Residents and their relatives have expressed positive feedback about the standard of care at Kew House. The service is commended for supporting people to have maximum choice and control over their lives. Staff follow least restrictive practices and are committed to working in the best interests of residents, ensuring a high quality of life.

The home is recognized for its robust approach to safety. Residents feel safe and are confident in the staff's ability to manage risks effectively. The premises are maintained hygienically, and staff adhere to best practice guidelines for infection control, including COVID-19 measures. Medication systems are well-organized, ensuring that residents receive their medicines safely and as prescribed.

Kew House Care Home is well-led, with residents, staff, and community health and social care professionals all commending the approachability and effectiveness of the management. The provider promotes an open and inclusive culture, seeking feedback from various stakeholders to continuously improve the service.

Comment from Senior Consultant at Fulcrum Care:

"Kew House Care Home's outstanding level of care and commitment to safety and inclusiveness are exemplary. At Fulcrum Care, we see these qualities as crucial in providing excellent care. We aim to assist other care homes in adopting these practices to enhance their services and achieve similar commendations."

Kew House Care Home is an exemplary residential care facility, offering outstanding care and support to its residents. With its strong focus on safety, person-centered care, and effective leadership, it stands out as a model of excellence in residential and nursing care in London.

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