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Manor House: A Homely Haven of Compassion and Personalized Care

Introduction and Service Overview

Manor House, having undergone a recent provider re-registration, continues to operate with consistent management and service quality. It is a residential care home accommodating up to 37 individuals requiring personal care support. At the time of the last inspection, it housed 36 residents.

CQC Ratings

The Care Quality Commission's inspection highlights Manor House's effectiveness and responsiveness. The staff's skillset, training, and ability to deliver personalized care have earned high praise, contributing to the home's outstanding service ratings.

Care Quality and Resident Experience

Residents express immense satisfaction with the care received, emphasizing the feelings of safety, comfort, and respect. The staff's commitment to treating residents as individuals, involving them in all aspects of care, and maintaining their hobbies and interests significantly enhances the quality of service. This personalized approach extends to meal times, considered social events, and tailored to individual dietary preferences.

Environment and Activities

The home provides a comfortable and secure environment, with staff adept at catering to the health and care needs of residents. Activities are diverse, encouraging resident participation in meaningful and personally relevant hobbies. The home’s design and amenities, including sensory engagement areas, support residents with dementia, promoting their independence and ease of navigation.

Safety and Health Management

Safety is a top priority at Manor House, with well-trained staff and effective risk management strategies in place. The staff are knowledgeable in safeguarding practices and equipped to handle health-related risks. Medication management is diligently overseen, ensuring safe and effective administration.

Leadership and Community Links

The management team fosters a supportive work environment, recognizing staff contributions and maintaining an open-door policy for feedback. Effective systems ensure continuous monitoring and improvement of service quality. The leadership’s approachability and dedication greatly contribute to the home's positive atmosphere.


Manor House stands out for its compassionate, individualized care, creating a homely and secure environment for its residents. The staff's dedication, coupled with strong leadership and effective safety practices, makes it a remarkable choice for individuals seeking a caring and engaging living space.

Structured Review:

"My experience with Manor House is one of total caring and dignity, with my dear uncle and the communication they constantly updated me with, in regards to his care, right up until the end. They had many activities for residents to take part in and made you feel part of their wider family. I always was made welcome on entering this beautiful home." - Jennifer S, Niece of Resident.

Comment from Fulcrum Care Senior Consultant:

"Manor House's dedication to providing compassionate and individualized care is exemplary. Their approach to ensuring residents feel safe, respected, and involved in their care decisions sets them apart in the care sector. Fulcrum Care is committed to supporting homes like Manor House that prioritize dignity, comfort, and a family-like atmosphere, ensuring they continue to offer outstanding care."

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