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Monkscroft Care Centre, Cheltenham

Residents, families and staff at Monkscroft Care Centre, in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire are pleased after inspectors from the Care Quality Commission gave the care home an outstanding rating in a recent visit.

The previous inspection was completed in December 2015 and the service was rated Good overall. At this inspection the service is now Outstanding.

Inspectors visited 21 & 22 May 2018 and rated Monkscroft as outstanding in two areas, caring and responsive and the safe, effective and well-led aspects of the report received the score of good.

Monkscroft is a nursing home providing nursing care for adults over 65 with sensory impairments, dementia and physical disabilities.

The report highlights that staff had completed an induction when they first started working in the home. This included reading policies and procedures, completing core training such as first aid and fire safety and undertaking shadow shifts. These shifts allowed a new member of staff to work alongside more experienced staff so that they felt more confident working with people. This also enabled them to get to know residents and for residents to get to know them.

Staff also received training in core areas such as adult safeguarding, manual handling, Mental Capacity Act (MCA) and DoLS. Other training courses were provided such as living well with dementia and end of life care.

Staff said they felt adequately trained to do their job effectively. One staff member said, "The training is excellent. Lots of learning but its enjoyable. This is a vocation, not a job."

One of the residents living at Monkscroft Care Centre was Cantonese and had limited ability to speak English. The staff team discussed and implemented ways to ensure the person was not socially isolated and bridged the gaps in communication. This had a significant and positive impact on their wellbeing. Some examples of how staff went above and beyond to cater for this person's needs were; technology had been purchased for their bedroom which allowed them to stream Chinese television programmes, films and music. Regular Skype calls had been introduced for them to keep in touch with family in China and some members of the Chinese community had been invited to the home who enlisted their support to build a communication care plan.

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