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Nightingale House: A Beacon of Compassionate and Innovative Care

Nightingale House, part of Nightingale Hammerson, is a residential care home situated in Wandsworth Common, London. It provides personal and nursing care to up to 215 people, focusing on older individuals, including those living with dementia. At the time of the inspection, the service was supporting 119 residents. The home is distinctive for its accommodation across six self-contained units, each with specialized facilities catering to different care needs.

Nightingale House has received an 'Outstanding' rating from the CQC, excelling in 'caring', 'responsive', and 'well-led' aspects. This rating is a testament to the home's commitment to providing empathetic, personalized, and innovative care.

Residents and their families describe the care at Nightingale House as outstanding. The staff are consistently recognized for their exceptional kindness, thoughtfulness, and caring approach. The service is highly responsive to individual needs, with a strong emphasis on respecting residents' choices and privacy. There is a notable focus on helping residents develop and maintain new skills, promoting their independence. "The health and care provided to my wife at Nightingale House are focused on her specific needs. The coordination of multidisciplinary teams ensures her needs are recognized, monitored, and met with regular and ad hoc reviews adapting to changes in her condition. The home's familial approach to care and its comprehensive services allow my family to rest assured that my wife is well cared for."-Tony L (Husband of Resident) Overall Experience 5 out of 5

The home boasts innovative programs, such as intergenerational activities involving a pre-school and day care for children on its premises, a unique feature in the U.K. These activities include singing, gardening, and cooking, bringing immense joy and a youthful energy to residents' lives. Personalized care that reflects individual support needs and lifestyle choices is a hallmark of the service, ensuring residents enjoy activities meaningful to them.

Nightingale House places a strong emphasis on safety, with robust processes to safeguard residents. Medication management, risk assessment, and infection control are all handled effectively, ensuring residents' well-being. The service also focuses on promoting healthy eating habits and involves residents in menu planning, contributing to their overall quality of life.

The leadership at Nightingale House is exceptional. The management team is highly visible, creating an inclusive and supportive culture. There is a strong focus on continuous improvement, with residents and their families actively involved in the service's development. The service maintains robust links with healthcare professionals, ensuring comprehensive care.

Comment from Senior Consultant at Fulcrum Care:

"Nightingale House exemplifies the highest standards in providing compassionate and innovative care for the elderly, especially those with dementia. Their approach, aligning with Fulcrum Care's ethos of personalized and resident-focused care, sets a benchmark in the industry. We believe that by sharing our expertise and collaborating with care homes like Nightingale House, we can further elevate the quality of care and enhance the lives of residents across the sector."

Nightingale House stands as a model of compassionate and innovative care. Its focus on intergenerational activities, personalized service, and exceptional leadership creates a nurturing and dynamic environment for residents. The home's dedication to continuous improvement and strong community integration further establishes its reputation as a leading care provider.


This restructuring follows your guidelines, including moving the CQC Ratings after the introduction and including a testimonial from a resident's family member.

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