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No 36: A Beacon of Empowering Care and Personal Achievement

No 36, managed by L D Care Limited, is a care home located in Isleworth, Middlesex, catering to nine adults with learning disabilities, some also living with autism. The home's ethos is centered on active participation and establishing a sense of responsibility among residents, with a focus on individual empowerment and community engagement.

No 36 has been rated 'Outstanding' overall by the CQC, with particular excellence in 'safe', 'effective', 'caring', 'responsive', and 'well-led' aspects. These ratings reflect the service's dedication to providing personalized and effective care, and its innovative and inclusive leadership.

The service at No 36 is highly praised for its personalized and exceptional care. Residents are actively involved in daily chores, contributing to a strong sense of belonging and pride. The service excels in integrating residents into the local community, offering a variety of social and leisure activities that resonate with their age and interests.

No 36 creates a family-like atmosphere, with no distinction between staff and residents in terms of treatment and interaction. The service environment is akin to a family home, offering comfort and promoting equality. Regular activities and special events involve both residents and staff, fostering a close-knit community.

Safety is a key focus at No 36, with a proactive approach to supporting residents in living fulfilling lives while reducing instances of aggression. Medication management is carefully handled, emphasizing the reduction of psychotropic medicines, allowing residents to make more informed choices about their lives.

The leadership at No 36 is exceptional, fostering an environment of active participation and no limits. The service is characterized by its commitment to continuous improvement and development, with strong community links that benefit the residents. The management is approachable and values the input of residents, staff, and other stakeholders.

Comment from Senior Consultant at Fulcrum Care:

"No 36's approach to empowering those with learning disabilities and autism is commendable. Their focus on active participation and community integration aligns with Fulcrum Care's philosophy of empowering care. We aim to assist other care facilities in adopting such progressive and person-centered approaches to enhance the lives of their residents."

No 36 stands out as a model of care that is empowering and responsive to the unique needs of its residents. The home's commitment to innovative approaches, coupled with a dedicated and skilled staff, creates an enriching and positive living experience. Its focus on integration, personal empowerment, and continuous improvement marks it as a leader in care provision for individuals with learning disabilities and autism.

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