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Norwood - 60 Carlton: A Haven of Empowerment and Holistic Well-being

Norwood - 60 Carlton Avenue, located in Kenton, Middlesex, is a residential care home offering personal care to up to 8 individuals with learning disabilities and autism. At the time of the inspection, 6 residents were being supported, one of whom was hospitalized. The home is designed to provide a comfortable and supportive environment, with a strong focus on personal choice and independence.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) rated Norwood - 60 Carlton as 'Outstanding' overall, particularly excelling in the 'responsive' and 'well-led' aspects of service. This reflects the home's commitment to providing personalized and effective care, and its innovative leadership.

The care at Norwood - 60 Carlton is characterized by a profound understanding of residents' needs. Staff and management are enthusiastic and dedicated to helping residents achieve their dreams and goals, focusing on their abilities and skills. There's a concerted effort to integrate residents into their local and wider communities, ensuring their personal spaces reflect their preferences and needs.

Norwood - 60 Carlton provides a secure, homely environment, where personal space is respected and personalized. The approach to activities and support is innovative, ensuring that residents have maximum choice and control over their lives. The use of digital communication tools and assistive technologies plays a significant role in enhancing the living experience of the residents.

Safety and health are prioritized, with strong safeguards against abuse and harm. The staff are well-trained in recognizing and responding to potential risks, including those related to behaviors associated with learning disabilities and autism. Medication is managed safely, with an emphasis on minimizing the use of psychotropic medicines.

The leadership at Norwood - 60 Carlton Avenue is exceptional, with a strong management team that embeds values of inclusiveness and empowerment. The service works closely with external stakeholders, fostering a culture that is open, inclusive, and empowering, and achieving outstanding outcomes for residents.

Comment from Senior Consultant at Fulcrum Care:

"Norwood - 60 Carlton Avenue is a beacon of care that exemplifies how a focus on empowerment and personal choice can transform lives. Their innovative approach and dedication to residents' well-being align with Fulcrum Care's principles. We strive to support other care facilities in embracing such a holistic and resident-centered approach to care."

Norwood - 60 Carlton Avenue stands out as a model of care that is both empowering and responsive to the unique needs of its residents. The home's commitment to innovative approaches, coupled with a dedicated and skilled staff, creates an enriching and positive living experience. Its focus on integration, personal empowerment, and continuous improvement marks it as a leader in care provision for individuals with learning disabilities and autism.

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