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Oak Trees (Respite): An Oasis of Safety, Compassion, and Personal Growth

Oak Trees (Respite), a vital part of Empanda Care & Support Ltd CIC, offers a unique and nurturing respite service in Attleborough, Norfolk. Catering to individuals with learning disabilities, Oak Trees supports up to four people at a time in its residential care home. Beyond this, it extends personal care to individuals in their own homes across ten supported living locations. Tailored to empower those with learning disabilities and/or autism, the service emphasizes control, choice, and independence, fostering a sense of personal growth in each individual.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has bestowed upon Oak Trees (Respite) an 'Outstanding' overall rating, shining particularly in the 'safe', 'caring', and 'well-led' aspects. This recognition highlights the service's unwavering commitment to safety, personal empowerment, and exceptional leadership.

Care Quality and Resident Experience

Oak Trees is celebrated for its high-quality care and its deeply ingrained person-centered philosophy. Residents and their families consistently express their appreciation for the positive impact of the support received. Staff collaborate closely with residents to tailor care plans, involving them directly in service operations, thus fostering a profound sense of ownership and commitment among all involved.

Environment and Activities

The environment at Oak Trees is both secure and homely, characterized by a warm and inclusive atmosphere. The respite service functions as a flexible, accessible space that offers residents both safety and comfort. Activities and support are innovatively designed to empower residents, enhancing their ability to understand risks, make informed decisions, and seize equal opportunities in their daily lives.

Safety and Health Management

At Oak Trees, safety is a top priority. The service has built a foundation of trust and support, enabling residents to make informed decisions about their safety. Staff are vigilant and proactive, educating residents on recognizing and protecting themselves from potential abuse. Moreover, the service adopts creative strategies to empower residents, including community safety training.

Leadership and Community Links

Led by a passionate and dedicated team, Oak Trees is committed to continuous improvement and development. It employs robust quality assurance systems and innovative approaches that place residents at the center of their care. Strong community links further enrich the service, fostering a culture of inclusiveness and person-centered care.

Oak Trees (Respite) is a prime example of compassionate and innovative care in action. Its approach to safety, combined with a nurturing environment and empowering activities, positions it as a leader in care provision. The service's dedication to individualized care, resident involvement, and community integration ensures a positive and enriching experience for all its residents.

Comment from Fulcrum Care Senior Consultant

"The exceptional care provided at Oak Trees (Respite) truly embodies the best practices in the care sector. Their focus on safety, combined with innovative and person-centered care, creates an environment where residents can thrive and grow. At Fulcrum Care, we are committed to supporting services like Oak Trees in their pursuit of excellence, ensuring the highest standards of care and empowerment for all residents."

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