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Stonehaven, Quadring

Stonehaven in Quadring, Lincolnshire, was rated outstanding for being caring and responsive following an inspection by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), 10 & 12 December 2019.

It achieved the score of Good for the safe, effective and well-led categories.

The CQC report highlighted that people told them that the staff were warm-hearted, caring and kind. One person said, "The staff are very kind, and I feel very well cared for. It is a lovely place." Another person commented, "The staff are all so very patient. They are very good to me and keep me going."

CQC inspectors identified many examples of the provider's exceptionally caring approach towards people and their relatives.

On their birthday, residents received a card, a present and a cake. If family members wanted to be present at the celebration, a buffet was provided free of charge. People also received a gift at Christmas and family members were encouraged to join their relative for Christmas lunch, without charge.

A married couple who lived in the home said, "We enjoy an Indian takeaway and the staff make sure that we have one once a month. They collect it for us."

CQC inspectors also identified many other examples of the provider's exceptionally responsive and person-centred approach. For instance, one person who was a keen gardener had been given their own plot in the garden to cultivate. Talking to inspectors with pride, this person said, "I keep very busy here. I look after the garden and grow beetroot, parsnips; in fact, anything that the birds won't interfere with. I have about 20 tools that we keep in the shed. The manager bought a rotavator especially for me which saves a lot of digging. We keep it safe in a locked shed in the garden."

In an innovative response to people's changing needs and wishes, the provider had installed a sweet shop, a bar and a toiletries shop in the home.

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