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Sunnycroft Residential Care Home, Southampton

Sunnycroft Residential Care Home in Southampton, Hampshire a residential home for people over 65, some of whom have dementia was rated outstanding for being caring, responsive and well-led following an inspection by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), 6 & 9 April 2018.

It achieved the score of good for the safe and effective categories.

The CQC report highlighted that staff were exceptionally kind and caring to people and their relatives who told CQC inspectors how much they valued and appreciated the care they were given as well as their loved ones. Staff went the extra mile to ensure people felt listened to and reassured if they were upset or anxious. Staff were consistently aware of how their approach to support impacted on people's privacy, dignity and choices which they were careful to respect. They took steps to ensure people felt fully involved in their care and had the right to refuse care if they chose to do so.

There was a culture of empowerment, independence, choice, fun and laughter at Sunnycroft. People were involved in all aspects of preparing for and taking part in activities, which were numerous and varied. The cruising activity was a fun initiative to provide people with a chance to experience the food, culture and traditions of various countries around the world from the comfort of Sunnycroft. Residents made a large ship out of a board and painted it. There was a map of the world on the wall and people chose which country they wanted to visit each month. They got involved in making flags and decorating the lounge to reflect the country they were visiting and chose national food to eat and games to play. They even learnt some French! The activity coordinator said, "Last month we set off on our cruise. 'Captain cracked the champagne when we set sail. We left England with a cream tea. It was very royal. We went to France, played Boules and ate croissants and cheese and drank wine" Staff dressed up in French berets and wore garlic around their necks to assist in setting the scene.

There was a culture of learning at Sunnycroft and incidents and accidents were investigated robustly and shared with the staff team to reduce the likelihood of a re-occurrence. Staff received a very good level of training, supervision and appraisal to ensure they had the skills and knowledge to deliver effective, person centred care. Staff consistently empowered people to maintain their independence and make decisions and choices about how to receive their care and spend their time.

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