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Sunnyfield Inspection Report: Detailed Analysis

Exceptional and Safe Care Environment

Sunnyfield, managed by Millennium Care Services Limited, is dedicated to providing a secure and nurturing environment for up to ten individuals with learning disabilities and autism. The inspection on 11 September 2018 highlighted the facility's commitment to safety, personal care, and well-being. The environment is designed to offer a homely, comfortable, and reassuring setting for residents.

Person-Centered Approach and Staff Engagement

Sunnyfield is renowned for its person-centered care approach, with staff actively engaged in meeting the individual needs and aspirations of each resident. This approach includes care plans tailored to the unique preferences and histories of residents, with a focus on helping them lead fulfilling lives. The staff's commitment to understanding and respecting the residents' backgrounds and needs is a core strength of the facility.

Positive Community Integration and Social Opportunities

The facility excels in integrating its residents into the community, offering a variety of social opportunities. This integration enhances the residents' social engagement and well-being. Sunnyfield maintains strong connections with residents' families and the wider community, positively impacting the lives of those under its care.

Responsive and Adaptive Care Practices

Sunnyfield's care practices are responsive and adapt to the emotional and personal needs of residents. The facility is particularly attentive to significant life events, offering compassionate support during times of bereavement and other personal challenges, emphasizing not just physical care but also emotional and psychological support.

Continuous Improvement and Effective Leadership

The leadership at Sunnyfield is committed to continuous improvement and upholding high care standards. The management team's vision positively influences the home's culture, creating a supportive and inclusive environment. The alignment of leadership vision with staff efforts contributes to the facility's overall effectiveness and success.

Outstanding CQC Rating in Key Areas

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) review resulted in an 'Outstanding' rating for Sunnyfield in several key areas. This rating reflects the exceptional care, community engagement, and leadership at the facility, affirming Sunnyfield's dedication to high-quality care.

Conclusion: A Model of Excellence in Care

Sunnyfield is a model of excellence in care for individuals with learning disabilities and autism. The facility's approach to personalized care, community integration, and leadership sets a high standard for care facilities, ensuring a nurturing environment where residents can thrive in safety and dignity.

Comment from Fulcrum Care Senior Consultant

"Sunnyfield's approach to caring for individuals with learning disabilities and autism is exemplary and aligns with Fulcrum Care's commitment to excellence in care provision. Their 'Outstanding' CQC rating, especially in community engagement and leadership, demonstrates their dedication to delivering high-quality, person-centered care. We commend Sunnyfield for creating a nurturing and supportive environment, focusing on individual well-being, and effectively integrating residents into the community. Their model of care sets a high benchmark in the sector, and we are proud to support such establishments in their journey towards excellence."

To explore how Fulcrum Care can assist your care home on the path to excellence, visit our website:

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