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Sunrise of Sonning rated Outstanding

Sunrise of Sonning, near Reading, Berkshire, a nursing home for people over 65 some with dementia, was rated outstanding for being effective, responsive and well-led following an inspection by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), 19 & 20 March 2018.

It achieved the score of good for the safe and caring categories.

The CQC report highlighted that residents were supported to have a meal of their choice by organised and attentive staff during lunchtime. Residents dietary needs and preferences were documented and known by the kitchen and care staff team.

On the dementia unit, staff ensured people were able to make their choices as they recognised their condition could hinder it. The meals on the menu were plated up so people could see and choose what they wanted. People confirmed they always had a choice and were offered an alternative if they did not like the meal. Some people needed help with eating and staff supported them in an attentive manner. People ate their meals at their own pace, and some chose to have meals in their rooms which was supported.

Residents were offered drinks throughout the day to stay well hydrated and it was part of the hydration campaign within the service particularly in warm weather. The staff team also identified people who had difficulties swallowing.

The kitchen staff were able to use piping methods to recreate meals looking like an actual plate of food. The chef told us the best approval of their work was when the person with swallowing difficulties returned the plate thinking it was just a normal meal. This way the staff ensured people were able to enjoy the meals they were able to eat and not worry about swallowing difficulties.

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