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Tegfield House, Winchester

Tegfield House in Winchester, Hampshire, a residential home was rated outstanding for being caring and responsive following an inspection by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), 3,4 & 5 June 2019.

It achieved the score of good for the safe, effective and well-led categories.

The CQC report highlighted that the provider arranges an annual family day for people and their relatives which is a huge event, the whole home and grounds are decorated and there is entertainment such as live music and face painting for children attending.

On the evening before the event, three staff members, in their own time, were at the service until after midnight to decorate. They decided to do this for two reasons, one to minimise any disruption to the people living at Tegfield and secondly, staff realised that the impact of having the dining room transformed into a circus big top overnight could be a magical experience for people.

The event is an example of the exceptional care provided by Tegfield House staff.

Comments made about the care included, "The staff are lovely. They are very caring and polite; I could not ask for more,” and "The staff are great, they always go the extra mile".

A relative said, "I rate Tegfield very highly as the atmosphere is that of a family home, it isn't like an institution". Another relative said, "The care staff treat people well. It's very homely and caring and staff always seem to have time for people".

One person was admitted to the home from hospital and had very few personal belongings. A staff member asked to come in on their day off and took the person, in a taxi, back to their own home. They returned later that day with lots of their personal items, both smiling and happy.

Another person returned from a hospital stay having deteriorated significantly. They had a particularly good relationship with one staff member who could always make them smile. The staff member tried to make sure that the person knew they were in control, told them honestly about their progress.

The staff team made sure they hid their upset at the person's deterioration and instead focused on their needs and not their own emotions.

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