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The Grove Residential Home, Bristol

Bristol care home receives outstanding responsive and well-led CQC ratings.

On 8 & 9 May 2018, The Grove Residential Home in Bristol received an outstanding rating from the CQC following the inspection.

The Grove that provides accommodation and personal care for up to 36 people and supports those who have a dementia, was awarded outstanding ratings in both the responsive and well-led aspects of the report.

The safe, effective and caring elements of the report received a good score.

The CQC commented that the service continued to provide a strong responsive service and had sustained their previous good rating and practice. Since the last inspection they had improved to outstanding in areas around enhancing people's life's, particularly for those with dementia. They had considered and explored innovative, creative ways to train and develop their staff to enhance a more responsive person-centred approach. One example included the use of the Virtual Dementia Tour. This is a system endorsed by various organisations including Dementia UK. It demonstrated what it is like to have dementia. The provider had purchased a dementia suit. The suit consisted of a padded and weighted upper-body protector, weighted leggings and thick gloves. The heavy suit aimed to mimic the increased heaviness of limbs for older people, in addition to an altered centre of gravity and compromised mobility. Headphones covered the ears, producing disruptive background noise and goggles distorted the central vision, a camera used gave staff a clear perception for what things looked like visually for people with dementia.

The Grove continued to provide a strong well led service and at the inspection there was evidence they had continued to improve and demonstrated some outstanding qualities in a well led service. Systems in place contributed to the smooth, effective operation of the providers services whilst still retaining its personalisation for each individual home. This was a relatively large service provider with an equally large workforce, yet it felt inclusive and seamless. It was evident that the achievements were not down to one individual but had been achieved collectively within the organisation and with the involvement of the whole staff teams.

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