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Tigh Fruin, Retford

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Tigh Fruin in Retford, Nottinghamshire was rated outstanding for being effective and responsive following an inspection by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), on 18 February 2020.

The safe, caring, and well-led categories received a score of Good.

Tigh Fruin is a residential care home providing personal care to people with learning disabilities and autism.

The CQC identified that training was at the forefront of everything that they do at Tigh Fruin.

The induction programme had been increased from one to two weeks prior to staff entering the building. They were then allocated a mentor, with monthly supervisions and completed a probation booklet covering their knowledge, assessments, and competencies. All staff training now includes additional aspects as standard for example, oral care and understanding Autism.

A new staff member said, "The training helps to set the culture of the home, it places people at the centre." New staff shadowed experienced staff on an individual basis, so they got to know them on a personal level. This was then followed by the staff reading the person's care plan. The staff told us, "I was able to get to know people and the details in the care plans, this really ensured I was equipped for my role."

People's mental wellbeing was promoted using positive behaviour techniques or reviewing the event which may have triggered a mental health incident. One person had expressed anxiety and it was identified this occurred when they joined the swimming group. However, staff knew this was an activity the person had always enjoyed. The activity was changed to an individual swimming session with preferred staff and the person's anxiety reduced, and their enjoyment returned.

It was also highlighted that partnerships had been developed with professionals were people had behaviours which could harm themselves or others.

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