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Tynedale House: Exemplary Care in a Supportive Environment

Service Overview

Tynedale House, managed by Northumberland County Council and located in Blyth, Northumberland, provides exceptional accommodation and personal care for up to 23 individuals. The care home specializes in assisting those with learning disabilities, autism, physical disabilities, and dementia-related conditions, and it also offers a respite service for short breaks.

Outstanding Care and Support

In its inspection on 4th and 9th December 2019, Tynedale House received an 'Outstanding' overall rating from the Care Quality Commission (CQC). This rating, particularly for responsiveness and a well-led service, highlights the home's dedication to delivering high-quality care.

Adapted and Person-Centred Environment

Tynedale House has skillfully adapted its large environment into smaller, self-contained areas to provide privacy and independence, while still offering access to communal facilities. This approach aligns with the principles of Registering the Right Support, promoting control, choice, and independence for residents.

Compassionate and Responsive Staff

The staff at Tynedale House are known for their extraordinary compassion and respect for residents. They deliver person-centred support, enhancing the quality of life for residents. Activities are individualized, encouraging socialization and community integration. The management team's commitment to a person-centred approach ensures that residents are central to all care and decision-making processes.

Safety and Well-being

At Tynedale House, resident safety and well-being are paramount. There are extensive measures for health and safety protection, effective medicine management, and a robust staff recruitment process, ensuring high-quality and competent care.

Leadership and Continuous Improvement

The home is guided by exceptional leadership, committed to continuous improvement and development. The management team adheres to best practice guidelines, focusing on the quality and safety of care.


Tynedale House exemplifies top-tier care and support for individuals with learning disabilities and/or autism. Its dedication to creating a nurturing and empowering environment, backed by outstanding leadership and a commitment to continuous improvement, sets it apart as a leading residential care service.

Comment from Fulcrum Care Senior Consultant

"Tynedale House's 'Outstanding' rating by the CQC exemplifies their commitment to providing exemplary care in a supportive environment. At Fulcrum Care, we recognize their efforts in creating a person-centred, nurturing setting for residents with diverse needs. Their approach to care, focusing on individual preferences and independence, aligns with our mission of promoting the highest standards in residential care. We are committed to supporting facilities like Tynedale House in their continuous pursuit of excellence and innovation in care."

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