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Villa Scalabrini: A Sanctuary of Compassionate and Culturally Inclusive Care

Address: Green Street, Shenley, Hertfordshire, WD7 9BB

Villa Scalabrini stands as a unique and culturally rich residential care home for up to 49 older people. Recognized by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) for its outstanding service, particularly in caring and well-led aspects, this care home is a testament to exceptional elderly care in a culturally inclusive setting.

CQC Rating

The CQC report applauds Villa Scalabrini for its excellence in providing a caring and well-led environment. This accolade highlights the home's dedication to quality care and effective management.

Structured Review: Villa Scalabrini is celebrated for its vibrant and inclusive atmosphere. Originally established for the Italian community, it now embraces residents from diverse cultures, nationalities, and religions. The home's attractive gardens and facilities offer a unique and welcoming living experience.

The care approach at Villa Scalabrini is deeply person-centered, focusing on the individual needs and preferences of each resident. The staff are renowned for their compassionate nature and their ability to create a homely and supportive environment, which is a core aspect of the home's ethos.

A strong spiritual and community connection is a distinctive feature of Villa Scalabrini. The home fosters a happy, purposeful atmosphere, deeply valued by residents and their families. This inclusive, values-based culture is complemented by a variety of activities and community events that enrich the lives of residents.

Comment from a Resident's Son, Claudio B:

"Claudio B (Son of Resident) Overall Experience 5.0 out of 5: Very happy with all aspects of Villa Scalabrini. The place is spotless, and the staff are wonderful. The management works very hard to maintain excellent standards. The food is freshly prepared. The activities are varied and fun with much music (often live) and laughter. Highly recommend."

In conclusion, Villa Scalabrini represents a model of inclusive and high-quality care. It showcases excellence in elderly care with a focus on cultural inclusivity and high-quality, person-centered practices.

Comment from Fulcrum Care Senior Consultant

"Villa Scalabrini's outstanding service, recognized by the CQC, is a clear demonstration of their commitment to culturally inclusive and person-centered care. Fulcrum Care commends their dedication to creating a nurturing environment that celebrates diversity and individuality. Their strong community and spiritual connections further enhance the quality of life for their residents, setting a high standard in elderly care."

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