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Villa Scalabrini, Shenley

Villa Scalabrini in Shenley, Hertfordshire, was rated outstanding for being caring, responsive and well-led following an inspection by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), on 6 & 12 February 2020.

The safe and effective categories received a score of Good.

Villa Scalabrini is a residential care home for older people.

People and relatives, that the CQC spoke with were overwhelmed by how caring and kind the entire staff team were. One relative said, "We can only report that the love, care and attention that our relative has received during their time at Villa Scalabrini, and have no doubt it has played a large part in extending their life beyond a time frame that could have been anticipated when the stroke occurred."

A relative highlighted that the service was so responsive when their relative moved in. They said, "The daily atmosphere is cheerful, caring, and attentive. It is also extremely clean, welcoming and the care staff could not have been more helpful in giving special attention to the needs of my relative. As a result, they adapted amazingly quickly and well.”

People, relatives and staff told CQC inspectors the home was exceptionally well managed.

Feedback from many professionals described the staff and management team as proactive, responsive, thoughtful and excellent. The team went the extra mile always for the benefit of people, their families and staff, and in doing so achieved the best possible outcomes. For example, following the passing of a resident the management team facilitated a small gathering for family and friends and provided refreshments.

Staff said they felt so proud and valued to work for such a caring and nurturing service. Staff were recognised as individuals all of whom had great things to offer, their individuality was celebrated, and staff were well supported.

One staff member said, "It's an honour for me, I am delighted to work here. I get here every day with a feeling of fulfilment knowing I, and the team, will make a difference."

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