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Walsingham Support - Holly Dyke, Walsingham

Walsingham Support - Holly Dyke in Walsingham, Cumbria, was rated outstanding for being caring, responsive, and well-led following an inspection by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), on 10 February 2020.

The safe and effective elements of the report scored Good.

Holly Dyke is a residential care home for people living with a learning disability.

The CQC report highlighted people were treated as adults who, with the right levels of support, could achieve great things. This belief in people meant independence goals were met, people were part of the wider community and were helped to understand concepts around relationships, and to understand changes in themselves and their family members as part of the ageing process. A relative commented the caring approach had been, "Amazing, I can't believe what my relative has achieved and it is because the staff really do care."

Care plans were extremely detailed and reflected the strengths, needs, and wishes of people. Where necessary, plans had strategies to lessen any behavioural issues. The CQC inspectors saw a care plan where the person had suffered from insomnia. When a review of strategies showed lack of success the team called on the advice of a range of professionals as they were concerned this might be a feature of the autism the person lived with. This then led to further input from professionals and a change to the person's environment.

A professional said, "The registered manager immediately contacted a builder and the work was completed within four weeks. They ensured the person was involved in the design of the build, again demonstrating lovely values and attitudes. Quick response is really important, it prevented further deterioration in mental health and reduced the risks of admission to hospital."

The registered manager and deputy were flexible and worked beyond their paid hours to ensure good outcomes for people. Professionals said, "It is clear staff feel well supported within the team and know their residents well. The management have sound understanding of people... are able to guide staff to meet needs effectively" and "The management team are great role models. Due to the nature of the service the team often experience very stressful times. They offer emotionally intelligent support to the team as well as practical support too, covering shifts to ensure staff get a break and don't experience burn-out. They are very well-respected leaders both within and outside of the service."

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