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Waterside Lodge Rest Home, Todmorden

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

An unannounced CQC inspection at the Waterside Lodge Rest Home took place 16 May 2019.

It was awarded outstanding ratings in both the caring and responsive aspects of the report and outstanding overall from the CQC, for a second time.

The service was ratedoutstanding at its last inspection, in September 2016.

The safe, effective and well-led elements of the report received a good score.

Waterside Lodge Rest Home in Todmorden, Lancashire provides nursing and personal care for up to 64 older people, some of whom are living with dementia.

The report highlights that the Waterside Lodge Rest Home has a strong and visible person-centred culture. Inspectors observed an extremely caring approach from staff who supported people with patience, sensitivity, respect and humour.

An example of this was the kind and patient encouragement given to a person using a walking aid. The staff member was observing for safety but did not make this obvious, as they chatted with the person and offered praise and encouragement.

Another example demonstrated how the caring approach and ethos had extended to people coming into the home to provide a service. Inspectors could hear a person in the hairdressing room singing All Things Bright and Beautiful with some gusto and laughing. The hairdresser commented on their lovely singing voice and asked if theypreviously been in a choir. The hairdresser then asked what other songs they knew, what they would like to sing, and the singing continued.

Feedback from residents and their relatives confirmed the exceptional level of care. "Community atmosphere here is very good. Workers always friendly. I would give them a thumbs up,” said one resident.

A relativecommented: "Staff go beyond their care, involve residents in activities, take them out, have cookery sessions, kitchen staff bake cakes etc".

The person centred approach at the service extended to an exemplary approach to supporting people to make their choices for care at the end of their lives. One person whose wishes could be viewed as controversial, had spent time with a senior member of staff who had recorded their wishes and had asked the person's permission to involve an advocate to support them. The person had expressed their relief at having someone "to offload on" and accepted the offer of involvement of an advocate along with a monthly catch up chat with the member of staff they had chosen to confide in.

Residents told inspectors that they very much enjoyed the activities organised by the home, but also appreciated being able to enjoy quiet time sitting in the garden, reading or doing puzzles.

While a relative told inspectors that their expectation of the home and staff, "Had exceeded beyond expectations and there was lot of things to do.”

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