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White Gables Residential Care Home: A Beacon of Exceptional Care and Compassion

A Home of Outstanding Quality

White Gables Residential Care Home, located at 16 Stanley Road, Felixstowe, Suffolk, IP11 7DE, is a prime example of exceptional care in the elderly care sector. Praised by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) for its comprehensive service, the home specializes in caring for older individuals, including those living with dementia.

CQC Rating

The CQC report commends White Gables for its outstanding care, particularly noting the high levels of personal empowerment and individualized attention provided to each resident.

Structured Review: The core philosophy of White Gables is centered around personal empowerment and individualized attention for each resident. Residents and their families express deep appreciation for the highly personalized care, which fosters an atmosphere of respect and dignity.

The dedicated staff at White Gables are a key element of its success. Known for their compassionate and professional care, they create a nurturing and supportive environment that significantly enhances residents' quality of life.

Responsive and inclusive care is a hallmark of White Gables. Tailored care plans and diverse activities ensure that each resident's needs and preferences are met, fostering a strong sense of community and belonging within the home.

Under exemplary leadership, White Gables continuously strives for improvement, maintaining high standards of care and solidifying its reputation as a leading care home in England.

Comment from a Resident's Daughter, L J:

"L J (Daughter of Resident) Overall Experience 5.0 out of 5: Lovely kind and compassionate staff. Very gentle and caring. We spent night and day with them by my mother's side. They showed us compassion and kindness at all times. Nurses and staff are all very knowledgeable and the home is kept nice and clean."

In conclusion, White Gables Residential Care Home sets a high standard in elderly care. It stands out in our guide to outstanding care homes in England, demonstrating a commitment to person-centered practices and resident empowerment.

Comment from Fulcrum Care Senior Consultant

"White Gables Residential Care Home's exceptional care, as highlighted in the CQC report, demonstrates their commitment to person-centered practices and resident empowerment. Fulcrum Care is impressed by their dedication to providing responsive and inclusive care. The staff's compassion and professionalism, along with the leadership's focus on continuous improvement, make White Gables a model of excellence in elderly care."

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