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Woodleigh Manor Residential Care Home, Westhill

Woodleigh Manor Residential Care Home in Westhill, Humberside a residential home for adults over 65 with dementia was rated outstanding for being caring and responsive following an inspection by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), 6 & 21 December 2017.

It achieved the score of good for the safe, effective and well-led categories.

The CQC report highlighted that the care people received was exceptional. The philosophy of care at the service was based on the belief that people should be treated as individuals and afforded privacy, dignity and compassion.

People benefited from a staff team that were highly motivated, determined and creative in overcoming obstacles to enable people to achieve quality of life. Many of the staff team were long standing, enabling continuity and a consistent approach by staff to support residents.

CQC inspectors were given many examples of how people had experienced positive outcomes in their wellbeing and confidence because of how staff cared for them. They were given feedback from a health and social care professional that supported a resident living at the service, “Woodleigh Manor has always gone above and beyond in what they have done for each of the service users I have supported there. I placed a person in the home several months ago who has complex mental health needs. The management and staff took it upon themselves to read up on this person's specific diagnosis. They found ways to support them that people have not been successful in doing for around 40 years. They were used to rejection on every level; however, Woodleigh Manor have given them the opportunity to have a home and a family type environment as and when they want it depending on their mental health at that time. They gave them a space in the home for their (hobby) and gave them an opportunity to act as a volunteer in the home, meeting and greeting people who arrived. Due to their mental health needs they often tried to push people away, but Woodleigh Manor staff persisted and showed them that they would be there for as long as they needed them.

Staff were creative in finding ways to enable people to live life to the full and continued do things they enjoyed. This included poppy selling at a local supermarket, making Christmas tree decorations, colouring and painting acorns and visits from an 'indoor zoo.' Animals were taken to visit people who were cared for in bed. One of the residents had even become a bagpipes player.

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