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Broadlands Care Home, Lowestoft

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Broadlands Care Home in Oulton Broad, Lowestoft has been rated 'outstanding' again by healthcare regulator the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Inspectors visited 25 June2019 and rated Broadlands Care Home as outstanding in three areas, the caring, responsive and well-led aspects of the report, and good for the safe and effective elements.

Broadlands Care Home is a residential care home providing personal and nursing care to 32 people, some with dementia aged 65 and over.

At the last inspection caring was rated as good. At this inspection this key question has now improved to outstanding.

Residents were proud to live in the home and repeatedly spoke with happiness and fondness about their encounters and experiences of living at Broadlands. They spoke highly about the care they received and were complimentary about the staff approach.

One resident commented, "The staff know me well. They are excellent; kind and caring and friendly and yes, they always listen to you."

Another resident said, "I decide on everything, I am really happy with the activities, the food, my room and the exceptional care that I have, the carers’ are lovely and deliver a high standard of care and I am really happy here at Broadlands."

People continued to receive an exceptionally high standard of personalised care that was responsive to their individual needs and respected their preferences.

One resident said, "I make the decisions about my care needs. They give me the information I need to make the right choice for me."

People were supported by staff to live well and to achieve what they wanted to do in line with their personal goals. For a couple living in the home, staff had arranged a 'date night' including a meal of their choice, drinks and a quiet room for themselves with mood lighting.

Residents had numerous opportunities to contribute to how the home could further develop. They were involved in the running of Broadlands. For example, with recruitment of staff and volunteers at the home.

One person shared their experience of this and said, "We like to put our shillings worth in. I was one of the people who interviewed for the job in the office. There were three of us and we chose the right person for the job. We interviewed one of the new gardeners too. We made the right choice there too."

The CQC report heighted that since the last inspection, under the leadership of the registered manager, Broadlands has gone from strength to strength, consistently developing and improving through its robust quality assurance systems to ensure it succeeds in delivering positive outcomes for people. A visibly person-centered culture had beenfirmly embedded, reinforced by the provider's principles, values and expectations of staff. This underpin the characteristics of an outstanding service.

Anne Maas, home manager at Broadlands said, "We have an exceptional group of staff who continually go the extra mile for our residents.”

"It's our privilege to care for our residents, and to receive such overwhelming feedback along with retaining our outstanding CQC rating is amazing."

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