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Clara Court Care Home, Maidenhead

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

A Berkshire care home is celebrating an outstanding result in its recent care inspection.

Clara Court is a service specialising in providing care to people living with dementia.

Clara Court, in Maidenhead, Berkshire has been given an outstanding rating, in its most recent inspections by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), 31 October 2019 and 2 November 2019.

Clara Court was rated as outstanding in the categories of effective and responsive and good for safe, caring and well-led, following the CQC inspection.

The CQC highlighted that the care service offered respite care for families. Comments made to inspectors included, "On behalf of my wife I would like to thank Clara Court's team for their outstanding care whilst my wife received respite care. During this second respite I was confident that her needs would be met, and your team would continue to achieve this.”

And "I was apprehensive and wondered whether it was appropriate for my wife to have her first respite care at Clara Court. Fortunately, we were met by welcoming staff which relieved my anxieties. The environment is clean, well aired and relaxed. I phone daily and the team had no difficulty to update me regarding my relative’s progress. Although they had limited time, it did not interfere with our communications. They were always caring and reassuring. In return, it gave me 'peace of mind'. My wife's visitors all confirmed that the staff did their utmost to get her to settle.”

At the time of the CQC inspection a resident became extremely unwell due to a recurring condition. The resident stopped eating. The GP wanted to prescribe strong pain relief to manage the condition. However, comments from the relatives reported, "Mum was so weak and lost so much body weight which she could not afford to lose. The girls including the manager nursed mum around the clock. They sat with her all-night reassuring her and keeping her temperature down with cold flannels. If mum wanted something to eat at two o' clock in the morning it was made for her even though she only managed a couple of mouthfuls. I will never be able to repay them even if I live for another 100 years. They have all become part of our family and we will always be eternally grateful." This demonstrated that staff respond to and went the extra mile to address people's needs.”

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