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Ebury Court Residential Home, Romford

The Ebury Court Residential Home Limitedin Romford, Essex providing care for adults, some with dementia has been given the overall score of outstanding by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

The inspections took place on 5 & 6 September 2018.

Ebury Court was rated outstanding in three out of five key areas.

Outstanding ratings were given in the effective, responsive and well-led aspects of the report, and the safe and caring elements received a score of good.

Staff at the service delivered excellent, effective care and support. CQC inspectors witnessed one person with dementia became agitated while in a communal area sitting among others during an activity session. Within seconds a member of staff attended to the person calming them and reassuring them whilst the activity continued without being interrupted. They were able to do so as they had the relevant skills knowledge and experience to provide to people's needs. Their actions meant the individual was reassured and other people were left undisturbed and unaware of the anxiety.

The provider not only provided outstanding care for people with dementia but also through the Lavender club, that was suitable for all people. The provider had worked with two London Universities to provide a programme of activities based around cognitive stimulation therapy. This meant the provider had sought academic support to provide an evidence based programme to improve people's lives and wellbeing. The CQC observed people thoroughly engaged in activities in the Lavender room and interacting with each other and staff.

Activities included singing and dancing and memory games being played in an answer and response manner. People were smiling and laughing throughout the activities.

The service worked in partnership with others and was acclaimed for the work it had done, receiving numerous awards and commendations. The service was part of the Gold Standards Framework (GSF) and in September 2017 it was awarded the Platinum Quality Hallmark for its work in terms of end of life care.

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