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Fitzwarren House, Swindon

Fitzwarren House Care Home in Swindon, Wiltshire providing care to adults over 65 years, some with dementia, has been rated overall outstanding by the Care Quality Commission.

It was rated outstanding in the caring and responsive aspects of the report, and the safe, effective and well-led elements received a score of good, after the inspections, 15 & 16 October 2018.

CQC inspectors identified that residents were provided with high standards of care by a very compassionate, committed and caring staff team. Relatives were able to see their family at any time they wished.

The registered manager told CQC inspectors, "We have no visiting hours. Relatives can come whenever they like, night or day. This is their home."

Inspectors observed staff treating people with the utmost patience and kindness. Staff were attentive to resident's needs and understood when people needed guidance or reassurance. People appeared very relaxed and comfortable in the environment and with the staff working with them.

The service sought to support people nearing their end of life to have a comfortable and dignified death by working closely with health care services and through consulting people about their end of life wishes. Care records clearly identified people's wishes and preferences in a detailed way. This included where they would like to be and whether there were personal items that they would like to have with them. Staff had also been trained in end of life care and spoke compassionately about how important it was to ensure people had their wishes respected.

A relative provided feedback to the service about their loved one at the end of their life, "In her last days, the staff could not have been more caring and took turns to sit and read to her, hold her hand." Another relative said, "In the end, they provided a very dignified conclusion to her long life."

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