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Muscliff Nursing Care Home, Bournemouth

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

The Muscliff Nursing Home in Bournemouth, Dorset has been awarded outstanding by Care Quality Commission inspectors.

Muscliff Nursing Home provides personal and nursing care and treatment for up to 40 people some of whom may be living with dementia and or have nursing needs

The CQC awarded Muscliff outstanding in two out of five categories; responsive and well-led and good for safe, effective and caring following the inspection, 21 November 2018.

The service exceeded the Accessible Information Standard, which became law in 2016. It requires that people with a disability or sensory loss are given information in a way they can understand and are supported with their communication needs. The service met people's information and communication needs by identifying, recording, flagging, sharing how these needs were to be met in their care plans.

Each resident's plan detailed how they communicated and what if any aids they needed, and inspectors were given examples of how staff supported people with their communication needs. These included; one person used an electronic computer tablet to communicate and another using a wipe board to write down what they wanted to say.

Staff told CQC inspectors that they felt part of the team, valued by the management, provider and listened to. They also spoke about the strong focus on always looking to improve the lives of people who lived at the Muscliff Nursing Home.

Comments from staff included: "I've only been here for six months; I was working for an agency, but this job is so much better. You can get to know the residents and their needs. We work as a team, which I like a lot, the management are very good, I think,” "I've been here for 12 years and I love my job. I've seen a lot of change, all for the better." and "I like working here, the management are very good."

There were staff recognition and reward schemes,including staff member of the month who could be nominated by people, other staff or relatives.

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