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Nightingale Lodge, Hunstanton

Nightingale Lodge in Hunstanton, Norfolk, a nursing home providing personal and nursing care to older people has been rated outstanding for being caring and responsive following an inspection by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

The safe, effective and well-led elements of the report received the score of Good.

The inspection took place on the 23 September 2019.

The CQC report highlighted that people and their relatives said that moving into Nightingale Lodge had improved their health and wellbeing, due to the very kind and caring person-centred support that they received.

One relative said, "The staff could not be more caring and accommodating if they tried, nothing is too much trouble. They are extremely welcoming and helpful.

CQC inspectors witnessed evidence of many examples of person-centred approaches being utilised to meet people's individual needs. One person who arrived from hospital following a major operation, had severely declined in their health and emotional wellbeing to the point they had been diagnosed as needing palliative care. Their confidence had regressed, and they feared they would not regain their independence. The person had become bed bound and dependent on oxygen. Staff worked closely with the person, their family and other agencies to build trust in the person that they would support them to regain their wellbeing.

With compassion and patience, staff slowly encouraged and motivated the person that they could achieve this, although frightened they gained in confidence.

The person told staff, "I will do my best to get better with everyone's help and support."

Three months on, the person had regained full mobility with the use of a frame, and regularly went out for walks and participated in various local clubs again.

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