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No 36, Isleworth

No 36 in Isleworth, Middlesex, providing personal and nursing care for adults with learning disabilities was rated outstanding for being effective, caring, responsive and well-led following an inspection by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

The safe element of the report received the score of Good.

The inspection took place on the 17 September 2019.

The CQC report highlighted that staff at No 36 recognised that involving people in planning and creating the food they ate enabled them to enjoy it. The kitchen had been redesigned to make sure there was space for people to sit and watch and get involved in cooking and preparing food, it became a social event.

One relative told CQC inspectors that people living at the home had restrictive diets and could become uncomfortable with trying different foods. They said they were ''amazed'' at the variety and nutrition offered.

The CQC report highlighted numerous examples of care provided that went beyond the expectations of their role and which made important differences to the lives of residents, including one person liked a staff member's watch. The staff member lent the person their watch, so they could wear it on their birthday.

The ethos of creating an inclusive family environment was central to the service. People's relatives and their relationships with them were highly valued. Where people were able to, the staff supported them to use devices to stay in regular contact with families. Their families were also invited to special events and to use facilities, such as the gym if they wanted.

People were supported to make decisions about the service, not just about their individual lives. They were involved in planning improvements to the environment and spent time with potential staff during recruitment, so the managers could make sure people felt comfortable with these staff before offering them employment.

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