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Temple Grove Care Home, Uckfield

Temple Grove Care Home in Uckfield, East Sussex providing personal and nursing care for younger and older people with a range of conditions was rated outstanding for being responsive and well-led following an inspection by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), 25 & 26 November 2019.

The safe, effective and caring categories received a Good score from the CQC.

The CQC report highlighted that a resident told them they no longer experienced ill health because of good care. They said, "I reported back pain when I moved in, l was on morphine. Within five days of me telling them, my pain was sorted out. I was on insulin but now that's all gone. It is marvellous and all due to their care." The resident explained that nursing staff had supported them to better understand and manage their diabetes which had led to them not needing medicine.

Another person moved into the service in poor health. Following support from staff, they no longer required medicine for a health condition and were able to eat and drink normally. A staff member said, "The difference in them is amazing. They are no longer withdrawn and seem so happy."

Everyone said they had continuous opportunities to give feedback. Most importantly, they felt listened to and there was a constant drive to improve. One relative said, "We struggle to give constructive feedback as everything is so brilliant but every time, we suggest something they do it straight away. For example, we suggested more vegetables in our relative's diet, and this was done instantly."

Surveys were sent out to people, their relatives, staff and professionals to gain feedback about the service.

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