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The Cotswold, Burford

The Cotswold in Burford, Oxfordshire, a residential care home providing personal and nursing care for people predominantly aged 65 and over, either on permanent or short stay basis was rated outstanding for being responsive and well-led following an inspection by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

It gained ta score of Good for being safe, caring and effective.

The inspection took place on the 13 August 2019.

The CQC report highlighted that there was overwhelming evidence that demonstrated staff excelled at creating innovative approaches to not only meet people's needs but to increase their well-being. This included suggesting additional ideas that people might not have considered.

One person wanted to go on holiday, however their family were unable to take the person with them, so management organised a short stay at their sister service in the area the family had chosen for their holiday. The person had not only their needs met but were able to spend days with their family who were staying at holiday accommodation nearby.

There was overwhelming evidence the service evolved around people and was run by the people who were at the heart of the service delivery. Every aspect of the service delivery was focused on people's engagements and involvement.

People were involved in fire evacuation training and they recently suggested the fire service was involved in the next drill, as well as a real-life evacuation simulation was carried out that included using the neighbouring village hall.

People were involved in developing a Care Home strategy for the Local Authority by completing surveys. This meant they had an opportunity to share their views with the commissioners and contribute to the local strategy.

People were also asked for their views by the provider's directors board. There was a specific thematic survey aimed at ensuring people contributed with their ideas on how to market the home. This was to ensure compatibility of people already living in the home with those who may consider moving.

This meant the already established, close community that had been formed at the home would be maintained.

People were also asked for their comments as part of the staff probationary performance reviews and involved with staff recruitment processes.

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