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White Gables Residential Care Home, Felixstowe

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

The White Gables Residential Care Home in Felixstowe has been awarded outstanding by the Care Quality Commission.

White Gables Residential Care Home accommodates up to 37 older people in need of personal care. At the time of the inspection there were 33 people using the service, some living with dementia.

The CQC awarded White Gables outstanding in three out of five categories; caring, responsive and well-led and good for safe and effective following the inspection, 3 April 2019.

People consistently experienced good quality care at White Gables. At the time of the inspection a former staff member visited residents and another staff member who was on leave brought their baby in for a visit.

One person with dementia told staff they needed to get the bus to get home, they chatted for a while and the staff member reminded them there was birthday cake later, this made the person laugh and say, "I might stay for that, I can't miss the cake." This demonstrated that the staff understood the person's condition and responded to their comments appropriately. In addition, the approach of staff reduced the anxiety of the person who had been worrying about catching the bus.

White Gables changed ownership in April 2018, at the previous inspection of January 2016 caring and well-led was rated outstanding. The registered manager, remained at the service throughout the change, as it was important to provide people with continuity of care through the change and ensure that the quality of care provided was not compromised.

This had been respected by the new providers and the registered manager told us that no changes had been made to negatively compromise the high quality of care provided.

A relative said, "We were all worried that the new owners were going to make changes, but it is a year now and it is still as good. We are relieved about that."

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